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David Chow defends case throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia.   He has argued cases as Trial Counsel and Appellate Counsel at all levels of Provincial Court, the Court of Queen’s Bench, the Alberta Court of Appeal, Saskatchewan Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada.  He routinely handles major cases such as multi-kilo level drug trafficking, sexual assault, home invasion, manslaughter and murder. David is a Calgary criminal lawyer who has secured verdicts of “not guilty” for murder in numerous homicide cases.  He was instrumental in successfully defending a client from being found guilty of first-degree murder as a result of a Mr. Big Operation.  David is also experienced in handling complicated wiretap cases.

Though David is based out of Calgary, he focusses handling client from Cochrane, Brooks and Lethbridge.  If you are charged with a criminal offence, call 403.452.8018.  


David Chow is a Calgary drug lawyer who routinely handles multi-kilo drug trafficking, importation, production and organized crime cases.


Charged with domestic assault?  David Chow is a Calgary domestic violence lawyer experienced in defending all crimes of violence in domestics cases…


Calgary DUI lawyer, David Chow, routinely successfully defends impaired driving cases in Calgary, Lethbridge and throughout the Province of Alberta...

Calgary Criminal Lawyer


David Chow’s entire legal career has been in the field of criminal law and Constitutional defence.  He is not a dabbler in criminal law; criminal defence is his entire focus.  Though David may be able to help with a referral, he does not accept cases outside of the domain of criminal law.

David started law school at the University of Calgary in 1999.  Prior to that he was a Graduate Student in the Department of Philosophy.  In 1999 David joined Student Legal Assistance (S.L.A.), where he began defending clients charged with summary offences.  He won his first “not guitly” in 1999.  It was an assault charge. That same year, David successfully defended his first impaired driving case and went on to work full time at Student Legal in the summer of 2000.    In 2001 David summered at Calgary Legal Guidance (C.L.G.), where he continued defending persons charged with criminal offences. In 2002 David completed law school and articled with the Attornery General of Alberta (Crown Prosecutor’s Office).  By this time he had personally successfully defended dozens of real clients.  

David Chow was a full time Prosecutor until 2005 when he resigned and joined the Law Office of Patrick C. Fagan.  David spent two years with Patrick Fagan, where he learned how to properly defend complicated drug prosecutions, serious crimes of violence and driving offences.  

Over the years David was blessed to practice with a variety of lawyers.  He was senior counsel at the criminal defence firm Roulston Chow until 2015 when he left to help form Kay Patel Mahoney & Chow.  David maintains a strong working relationship with all of his previous lawyers.  Today, David works out of his suburban office in Calgary.  

Though David appears at all levels of court in a variety of jurisdictions; Calgary, Cochrane, Lethbridge and Brooks are his focus. David has defended cases in British Columbia, Yukon and Saskatchewan.  He argued at the Supreme Court of Canada. David is not only a Calgary lawyer, he is a Brooks criminal lawyer, a Lethbridge defence lawyer and Cochrane criminal defence lawyer. He offers free consultations and is available 24/7 on an emergency basis.


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