Brooks Defence Lawyer

Welcome to — David Chow’s new criminal defence website.  Please be patient while these webpages are developed and improved.

Whether you live in Brooks, Lethbridge, Calgary, Cochrane or anywhere in Alberta, this website is designed to provide some basic information to help in your search for a Brooks defence lawyer (or a criminal defence lawyer anywhere in Alberta).

David Chow defends cases throughout Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan.  Though much of his career has been spent defending those accused of various drug offences (such as trafficking, importation and possession for the purpose of trafficking), impaired driving offences and serious violent offences (such as murder), David Chow has defended the entire spectrum of criminal charge.

David is a full service criminal lawyer who serves clients in Brooks, Alberta.  He is also a Calgary defence lawyer, Cochrane criminal lawyer and Lethbridge defence lawyer.  David offers a free telephone consultation so that you can get some immediate advice about your legal situation. 

If you are searching the Internet for a criminal defence lawyer, you are almost certainly looking for the right lawyer for your case; one who is a good fit for you. Do not be enamoured by websites or advertisements by lawyers (including this one).  Any defence lawyer can claim to be “the best” or “the top” criminal lawyer in Alberta.  Chances are, if they have to make that claim, it’s not true. 

Almost every criminal defence website (including this one) claims that its lawyer(s) are proven or experienced litigators who routinely secure verdicts of “not guilty”.    The reality is, a great many of these websites laud the skills of pretenders.  

The only way for you to decide is due diligence.  Anybody can advertise on the Internet; not every lawyer can properly defend a case.